Our programs are designed for our students to learn traditional martial arts in a safe, family-oriented environment. Each student is treated as an individual, with instructors targeting their specific strengths and weaknesses. We will guide every student to develop their maximum potential.

JMAC Karate – A way of life.

Kinder Karate (3-4 years old)

The purpose of the Kinder Karate class is to prepare students to enter the kid’s karate program. Students that had the advantage of the Kinder Karate classes have a much easier transition into the Kids program. This allows them to excel much faster because of the fundamentals they learn.

In the Kinder Karate class students are taught social skills including how to ask permission, how to take turns and how to follow directions. Most physical training includes coordination, balance, gross and fine motor skills, as well as basic karate techniques. Students will earn white belts with colored stripes by showing understanding of the curriculum and demonstrating the values of karate.

These classes are limited to 30 minutes to accommodate your child’s attention span. Upon graduation from this program students will have a strong foundation of basic karate techniques, traditions, and manners when entering into the kid’s karate program.

JMAC Kinder Karate

Kids Karate (5-7 years old)

The Kids Karate program is focused on the fundamentals of self-defense.

The three main focus points in the Kids Karate program include agility, balance, and coordination. Manners are also very important in this age group as students are required to show respect to their teachers, parents, as well as other students.

Classes are in a group setting as students need to learn how to work in a group. However, all students have different learning processes, and individual attention will be given as well to accommodate learning needs.

Classes are 60 minutes long as students in the Kids Karate program are old enough to train for a longer period of time both mentally and physically. Students who start in Kids Karate will have a solid foundation as they move into Youth Karate.

JMAC Karate Ages 6-8

Youth Karate (8-10 years old)

The Youth Karate program is designed to help children with changes in their developing bodies as growth surges and muscles change shape. Physical size, strength, and maturity vary widely for this age group so classes are geared towards accommodating students.

The six main focus points in the Youth Karate program include agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Every child is given individual attention and an opportunity for personal growth. Goal setting is practiced through the use of martial arts ideology of bushido by enhancing the students’ motor skills, self-discipline, and self-defense skills. Youth Karate training builds confidence and respect for both oneself and others allowing for confident, well mannered, and strong youth.

JMAC Karate Ages 9-12

Junior Karate (11-17 years old)

Pre-teens and teenagers naturally begin to detach themselves from childish ways and want to proceed in life more independently from parents. Many ways they look for identity, purpose, and direction. In order to not get bored and start picking up bad habits teenagers need something to do.

Junior classes are intended to give students a positive and safe environment focused on “learning to train” and “train to train” concepts. Classes are vigorous and interactive. Students are encouraged to push their limits and break a sweat in every class.

Going through puberty, students have also added stress from transitioning to middle school, high school and college. Stress management is emphasized as well as self-defense, personal growth, and self-esteem. Students make friends with like minded individuals and a mutually supportive group naturally develops.

JMAC Teen Karate

Adult Karate (18 and over)

Adult Karate classes are focused on learning and continued learning of self-defense. Also, as adults tend to have jobs and families, stress relief is a focus.

As you get older, it becomes even more important to remain active if you want to stay healthy. Classes benefit adults by helping to control weight, improved mood, better sleep, and a reduction in stress and anxiety. Adults also tend to perform better at work and school as well as have increased self-confidence. Sitting in an office chair for long periods of time is also detrimental to one’s health, so maintaining flexibility as you grow older is very important.

JMAC Adult Karate

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